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Solar Powered Street Lighting


SPAL - Stand-Alone Solar Lighting Systems

System Overview

SolarPower's Area Lighting systems (SPAL) are designed to provide continuous and reliable source of light, where there is no grid electricity available, or where infrastructure works are complicated or expensive. The SPAL system is equipped wit h the most advanced solar technology, and provides long-term reliable maintenance free operation. The SPAL is having high environmental values. As it produces it own clean energy from the solar (photovoltaic) module. The SPAL is designed in such way that 4 Hours of direct sunlight is needed for the system in order to achieve full performance. Even during rainy days, the SPAL with normally operate up to 3 concessive dark days.


System description

The system designed to be installed on standard pole. The Solar panel tilt can be adjusted and have 360 degree rotational ability to suit any geographical location. The battery and system controller are housed in a ventilated weatherproof housing. The programmable controller is set to the required lighting program.


  • Parks lighting
  • Parking lots
  • Pedestrian walks
  • Cross roads
  • Bus stations
  • Historical sites
  • Tourism and recreation (beach, nature resorts)
  • Green building projects


Advantages and benefits

  • No need for excavations
  • No need of cabling
  • Reduces the effect on other infrastructure (sewage, water)
  • Smooth installation - no road blocking
  • Reduces the project duration and costs - fast and simple installation
  • Green energy
  • No electricity bill anymore
  • In many cases, the SPAL returns the investment on the day of the installation!

System components

  • Solar Panels (Photovoltaic)
  • Solar light controller
  • Heavy Duty, maintenance free deep cycle Battery.
  • Weatherproof electronics enclosure.
  • Mounting structure
  • Light fixture.

Technical specifications

Lighting duration: customer selectable 4/6/8/12 hours
Lighting bulb: Compact Fluorescent (CFL) or Low Pressure Sodium
Lighting Power: from 26 Watts to 72 Watts
Autonomy duration: 3 days sunless
Battery type: deep discharge, sealed, maintenance free
Programming options:
- Dusk to dawn
- Dusk to pre-set time
- From pre-set time to dawn
Battery location: Top or Bottom of the pole


Cairo, Egypt : +20 10 5307899
London, UK :  +44(0)792 7766699
مركز الناصر التجارى
الجيزة - القاهرة - جمهورية مصر العربي
تليفون +20 10 5307899 - +44(0)792 7766699


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