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Stevia is 100% natural Green Sweetener


    Stevia is natural Green Sweetener, which is extracted from Stevia Leaves (Herbaceous herb of the Composite family) and was proved to be "Green Food" by the Center of China Green Food Development

    Stevia has been used as Food additives for more than 400 years in Paraguay. It does not join the metabolism, no toxicity which was approved by FAO & WHO. Stevia is widely used as Food Sweetener (No special limit of quantity) in Japan and also be separately approved as Natural Sweetener and Medicine medium by China Hygienic Department in 1985 and 1990

High Sweetness
    Sweetness is more 200~300 times than cane sugar. Stevioside and Rebaudiana-A are main compositions of Stevia, which taste cool, refreshing, and soft. Mixture with citric acid, amino acid, salt and other sweetener will be tasted better

Low Calorie
    Stevia is hold as Nutritional Supplement and Health Protection Food by Medical Science. 400 years before, the original inhabitants in Paraguay began making use of Stevia as herb to cure influenza, fistula hyperemia. Modern medical science studied that Stevia was beneficial to regulate Blood sugar, Blood pressure, improve brain activity and helpful for Weight control, Skin care

    Stevia is stable to Acid, Alkali, hot, light and not fermentable. As sweetener in beverage and food, it can be bacteriostatic and protract the expiry of quality guaranteed. In addition, Stevia can make nearly a 60% reduction in the cost of production, expenses of transportation and storehouse can also be saved at same time

    Food, beverage, medicine medium, sweetener complex, pickles, cosmetics, cigarette flavor, and toothpaste, etc.
Also we have the health teabag, stevia tea, made of the stevia leaf, please contact with me if you need more information
It will be very appreciate if you reply soon

ستيفيا 100% محلى طبيعى اخضر بمميزات متعددة

More data abut Stevia

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